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The CarbonCycle Company

We want to enable people and communities to embrace the lost art of composting and, in doing so, improve their health and that of the planet

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Our Mission


To contribute significantly to the health and well-being of our planet and our population by providing composting systems and encouraging local composting.

Local composting is a vital step in improving the effectiveness of the earth’s carbon cycle and ensuring the availability and quality of freshly grown produce around the world.

We value:

  • Better soil and water
  • Reduced greenhouse gases
  • Improved nutrition and well-being
  • A sense of community

The more we observe, learn and do, the more our belief is confirmed that local composting is a critical practice and the obvious solution to so many of our environmental, social and health issues.

We truly believe that when our CarbonCycle composters are everywhere, we will see a healthier, safer, and fairer world.

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About Us


Our team have been passionate compost makers for decades. We learned our craft through community involvement and constant experimentation. We used whatever material we could find; including shipping pallets tied together at the corners. We also tried commercially available composters but we learned that  they had so many short-comings that they had little chance of gaining wide acceptance from communities to compost and to keep composting.

So, we decided that there had to be a more efficient and cleaner way to compost.

We began to experiment with composters. And, after many years, we developed the Original CarbonCycle Composter and commenced manufacture of the frame and other parts; predominantly for use in community settings.  At that time, the CarbonCycle Company operated as “New Zealand Box”.

Whatever we could make was quickly sold or, where we thought we should, donated or loaned. Very quickly, our composters were operating in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

As The CarbonCycle Company we have now geared up to supply our composters more widely to customers in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Whilst all this was happening, we met like-minded people who shared our passion fro community composting and worked with many schools, community gardens, community kerb-side collections and other groups.

Our goal was to give schools, communities and others their best-ever chance to compost all food, garden and other organic waste and grow nutritious food locally.

In the near future we plan to supply other sizes and designs of composters and to expand our geographic market reach.

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I have never met anyone as knowledgeable and dedicated to their craft as Richard and the team. We are now using multiple boxes in multiple different settings, from urban farms to inner city environments. This would not have been possible without CarbonCycle and their incredible boxes.

Jayden Klinac
For the Better Good

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The Team

The CarbonCyclists

Richard Wallis


027 504 8764

For Richard (Doctor Compost), composting practice and teaching has been a full-time obsession and profession since 2010. He is internationally recognized as an expert on all aspects of composting and as the inventor of the CarbonCycle Composter. He is passionate about community and local composting and about giving our children, in particular, the learning and nutrition they deserve.

Richard left behind his legal career to pursue a lifetime interest in gardening which soon converged into a passion for soil and composting, especially in schools and communities. He saw what it could achieve and how the children, parents and teachers quickly shared the passion and embraced both nature and better nutrition.

Unimpressed by the limitations of the products he tried, he designed The CarbonCycle Composter to be more durable, more sustainable, better looking, more efficient and more adaptable than any other composter available.

Richard has spent more than a decade testing and refining this composter and developing a system to help you to create more compost of the highest quality while only investing minutes.

He is without doubt Doctor Compost – adviser to community gardening groups, ardent advocate for local composting and an example of just what is possible.

Peter Hinton


021 446 866

Peter is also passionate about local composting. His principal concerns are for our soils and waterways and he has read and studied everything he can on these. He has been astonished about the lack of leadership or concern for our soils and waters at the highest levels.

Peter was an early adopter and test-pilot for many early prototypes and is now the proud owner and operator of many CarbonCycle Composters in various locations.

Peter was also a lawyer and, until recently, an adjunct professor at the local law school. He has recently stepped down as a director of a major global dairy products company so that he can concentrate on The CarbonCycle Company.

Suzie Kelsey

COO, Logistics & Marketing Manager

021 0818 8561

Suzie is a business-minded recent graduate with a focus on innovation, marketing, and – of course – the environment. As the youngest member of the team, she ensures that the CarbonCycle Company is up-to-date with technology and modern business practices, and makes sure things are running as efficiently as possible. She is the overseer of most of the day-to-day operations within the company, and manages logistics, supply chain, and marketing.

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